MN0GFE Club Programme

January – pre AGM meeting. Review of last year. Club of the Year Awards. Looking ahead, cooperating with other clubs.

February – AGM and election. Radio mentoring for new members in the hobby, Data Modes for QRP operation

March – Assisting MI6 operators to progress to Intermediate level and beyond; and talk and discussion around the 100th anniversary of the superheterodyne receiver.

April – setting up a Special Event Station and preparatory arrangements for GB0GLS

May – report back from Gilnahirk and antenna construction night.

June – Portable operation, QRP, SOTA and WAB: what’s the attraction?

July – Preparation for Lough Shore. Satellite operation, setup and use – in preparation for demonstration at the Lough Shore field day event.

August – Review of Lough Shore. Talk on Direction Finding (ARDF) history and sport

September – kit construction and CW: Is CW still relevant to amateur radio?

October – Talk on propagation: what can we learn from this?

November – use of radio amplifiers, EMC issues, or barefoot usage: discussion

December – Planning for 2019 – ideas.